2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter High

Cars January 18, 2023 13


Roof 170" 4x4
- LED Headlights (Dual color - White/Yellow)
- LED Light Curved Bar at the front bumper (very bright)
- Extra protection grid behind the front bumper (for the radiator)
- Cosmetic upgrade (Deflectors, Side Mirrors & Handle covers, grill chrome)
- Extra tinted windows and upper front windshield (legal measurement)
- Installed tow hitch with the protection bar
- Diesel-powered extra heater for the back interior with remote control
- Folding sleeper with moving back and forth wall on the wheels
- Leather finishes around the sleeper area
- Cargo area was fully upgraded with thermal insulation and vibration isolation as well as soundproofing, covered with easy-washing cloth
- Floor was enforced with extra plywood
- Mini closets on the back wheels inside of the cargo section
- Installed L tracks on the sides and E track rails on the floor
- LED lights in the cargo area
Please disregard the straps, fuel containers etc. (they will be removed)

Odometer: 63k (every 8-10k oil and filters change serviced instead of 20k according to the regulations)
Currently on the loan of Mercedes Benz Financial 

(just text before call)

Country: USA

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